2 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How I learned to Beat Them

by Cam Fischer via LinkedIn Pulse

If someone asked me nine months ago, "What are you going to do with your masters in management & entrepreneurial leadership?" I wouldn’t have said, "Start a company of course!" In fact, I would have said the exact opposite: "Try to get a nice paying job in NYC, probably." Nevertheless, when you’re studying entrepreneurship at Babson, it doesn’t take long for you to realize now is the best time to “give it a shot.”  A shot at starting your own company, being your own boss, and maybe even changing an industry’s outdated landscape. 

Over the next few posts, I will explain what influenced my decision to try my hand in entrepreneurship & what I learned about a framework known as the entrepreneurial process.  Rather than simply explaining each step of the process, I’m going to talk about it through my mistakes and experiences while starting my company, VitalFit...