25 Companies to Pitch at Premiere Entrepreneur Event on June 28

by Julianna Fortain via UB News Center

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Twenty-five of the best and brightest regional companies have been selected to participate in the University at Buffalo’s Bright Buffalo Niagara Entrepreneur Expo on Wednesday, June 28, at the Hotel Henry.
In its ninth year, the Bright Buffalo Niagara Entrepreneur Expo is the region’s longest standing forum that creates vital connections and opportunities to nurture economic growth for entrepreneurs.

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5 Startup Lessons That Could Have Saved Me 5 Years

by Martin Welker via Entrepreneur.com

Starting a business is tough. Everyone knows this. And, I’ve learnt it the hard way. I’ve built a fair number of products and even successfully brought five of them to market. “Five products” might sound like a lot at first, but it’s actually nothing compared to the number of products and ideas I’ve dismissed. Dismissing bad or even “good” ideas is one of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur because the “good” ideas always steal from the best ideas. Start with absolutely the best idea you can.

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8 Founders on the Turning Points That Changed Their Businesses

Article via Entrepreneur.com

Every entrepreneur has the moment -- that time when hard work finally pays off, when a long-desired opportunity presents itself and the entrepreneur has to decide how to react.  The moment can be stressful, and for good reason. It can be a turning point for any business, but only if it’s seized properly. And as the eight founders here can attest, it isn’t always clear what the right move is. Success takes guts. It takes sweat. It takes a lot of hard work -- first to have reached the moment, and then to prepare for what happens next

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Gearing up for fast growth, PostProcess Technologies raises $4 million seed round

by Dan Miner via Buffalo Business First

PostProcess Technologies set out to raise about $800,000 last year to support fast-growing demand for its specialized machines.

Instead, it ended up closing a $4 million seed round — styled as debt that will convert into equity during a planned Series A raise — from strategic early-stage investors around across the world, including a group in Buffalo. The company even pulled in a $1 million contribution from Empire State Development Corp., becoming the first local company to earn the backing of ESD's New York Ventures Fund...

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5 Things Every First Time Founder Needs to Know

by Nina Zipkin via Entrepreneur.com

No matter who you are and what you have achieved, there will be times when you doubt yourself. The co-founders of Shine understand that and want to help its users boost their well-being with free daily inspirational texts to encourage and motivate them to achieve their goals.
A little over a year after Shine’s official launch in March of 2016, Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey, also its co-CEOs, have significantly grown its user base. They started with a beta test of 70 people in 2015, and now send texts to half a million users, with no sign of slowing down.
They also recently announced that the company has raised $2.5 million in seed funding, resources that will be used to further develop user growth, as they test out models that would bring in revenue going forward...

4 Ways Startups Can Harness Innovation and Disruption

by Shellye Archambeau via Entrepreneur.com

We live in a time when doctors no longer have to rely on costly and unwieldy medical imaging devices to diagnose illnesses. A simple “visual stethoscope” would help them see deep into the human body more easily than ever, thereby accelerating both diagnosis and therapy. Meanwhile, if you’re a chronically ill patient, you no longer have to make repeated, costly visits to the hospital. Say hello to Molly -- an innovative, friendly, virtual nurse who can check up on you, monitor your vitals and provide follow-up care -- all through your smart phone...

7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do Before 7 a.m.

by Serenity Gibbons via Entrepreneur.com 

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of people. We like to do things our way and are known for our almost obsessive attraction to habits. But, there’s a good reason for that. Habits help us achieve our goals, keep us motivated, eliminates wasted time, and improve our lives altogether.

Arguably, the most important habit for an entrepreneur is their morning routine. After all, if you start your day off on the wrong foot, how productive, motivated, and focused are you going to be for the rest of the day?

To make sure that you start your day off on the right foot, here are seven things that every entrepreneur should before 7 a.m...

3 entrepreneurs who tapped personal inspiration to launch businesses

by Cindy Bates via Business Journal

Entrepreneurship is part of the fabric of America.
Since the nation’s birth, people have taken their dreams and transformed them into goods and services, which have, in turn, created millions of jobs and tremendous economic opportunity. Today, approximately 550,000 new businesses are started each month; more than six million annually...

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17 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2017

by Deep Patel via Entrepreneur.com

If you’re like most people in business today, there always seem to be a million things on your to-do list and you don’t know where to start.

You need to conduct research, streamline collaboration, increase communication, sell your wares, reach your fan base, log your time and keep track of your accounts, to mention just a few. How the heck will you do it all? Well, there’s an app for that.

In fact, there are quite a few. Here are the top 17 apps every entrepreneur should be downloading to make the most of each day...

Entrepreneurs: You May Just Find the Next Big Idea in Existing Ones

by Glenn Llopis via Entrepreneur.com

A December article in the Wall Street Journal carried the headline “The Economy’s Hidden Problem: We’re Out of Big Ideas.” Interesting article, but I disagree with the premise. I don’t think it’s big ideas or even new ideas that we need. What we need is to reinvent the things we’ve already tried.
That’s the economy’s real hidden problem: the unseen (and therefore untapped) opportunity in existing ideas. Leaders with an innovation mentality see opportunity in everything. And everything includes ideas that aren’t new or big.
Many people don’t see that because they don’t enjoy the tough part of taking ideas all the way to the end. We’ve become complacent looking for immediate success, not understanding what’s required to succeed in a world where you constantly need to reinvent yourself...

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4 Emotional Struggles You Must Confront as an Entrepreneur

by Kimanzi Constable via Entrepreneur.com

Entrepreneurship can be a wonderful path to a life of freedom. You have the opportunity to earn an income doing something you love. You can help the people your business serves. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but if it is for you, you can accomplish your major life goals.

A lot of what is written and talked about when it comes to entrepreneurship is a pretty picture of nothing but good days, success and cool opportunities fulfilled. The reality is that life is not always pretty. Building a successful business is a real struggle to stay motivated to do the work required to succeed. Here are five struggles that you must address and have a plan to deal with...

Saving your family history through curated interviews

Story on Bright Buffalo Niagara 2016 presenter, Memory Fox
by Grove Potter, University at Buffalo

Simplifying the process of recording interviews with elderly family members is a core principal of a new startup launched by two graduate students in the School of Management at the University at Buffalo.

MemoryFox is an app for smartphones and tablets that helps people interview family members with a series of questions, and then stores the recording on the computer cloud. The goal is to guide people through the process of saving family history — and make it easy...

5 Business Trends That Will Take Off in 2017

by Jeffrey Hayzlett via Entrepreneur.com 

Last year, 2016, is in our rear view mirror, so it’s time to look to the trends in 2017 that will change how we do business: For instance, in my travels around the country to conventions and keynote speech engagements, I've noticed that the faces of the audiences keep getting younger, regardless of the industry.

While it’s no secret that millennials have taken over the workforce -- according to Census Bureau data, they are now the largest living group -- how we groom them for leadership is a test many of us will face in 2017.  Sure enough, a Bersin by Deloitte report has predicted that 2017 will be a disruptive year, during which more than three million company chiefs are set to retire, leaving those jobs wide open for up-and-coming young professionals...

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4 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do the First Week of the New Year

by Lyneir Richardson via Entrepreneur.com

Now that the holidays are over and the new year is in full swing, it’s time to head back to the lab to formulate fresh, smart, and effective ideas that will grow your organization.

Whatever the size of your firm, whether you’re B2B or B2C, and regardless of the industry in which you operate, here are four must do’s that you need to launch if you’re aiming to increase profits and market share over the next 365 days...

The 5 Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eyes on for 2017

via Entrepreneur.com 

As we’ve seen repeatedly this year, it’s always hard to predict the future. But companies try every year, from budget projections to planning marketing strategies. Though we’d all like to be clairvoyant enough to know what the next best thing will be, it’s incredibly hard to accurately predict new trends well enough to get a jump on the competition. There are, however, trends that we can assume will continue over the next year.
Here’s our pick for trends to keep an eye on for the upcoming year...

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Venture Capital (But Were Afraid to Ask)

by Zach Ferres via Entrepreneur.com

Venture capitalists are gradually reining in startup investments, a trend toward normalization since the spike in global venture activity that began in late 2013. A combination of collapsing global economies, negative interest rates and all the hype surrounding high-growth startups in the digital age resulted in monster valuations for plenty of young companies.
Consider the unicorns of late 2015.
Venture capitalists have bankrolled about $15 billion per quarter in 2016, suggesting a cooling-off period in startup investment. These investments have declined slightly from a peak of about $20 billion per quarter in mid-2015...

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