Do I Have To Tell My Doctor About My Non-Traditional Orientation?

By Jared Woods

If you are someone who doesn’t identify with the traditional heterosexual orientation then you may be unsure about what your doctor needs to know. Blood pressure or heart problems don’t have anything to do with being gay after all, right?

For a few situations, it may be necessary for your doctor to know your orientation when it comes to medical decision making,but for most things, it isn’t. This really leaves the choice up to you on whether or not.

Often people who are LGBT feel like if they don’t state it then they are “hiding” but this isn’t always the case. It can also just be considered irrelevant information if not asked for it. They may also fear discrimination which does happen.

Medical Care

If you are gay there are not a lot of illnesses that are more likely to happen if you are gay. If you have a stroke, then your sexual orientation doesn’t really come into it. Neither does it if you have a host of other issues.

When a doctor is diagnosing your problem and trying to figure things out then you don’t want to be lumped in with statistics or anything. It really would not affect your medical evaluation or change anything about your treatment plan, so there’s no need to say anything.

If you are a lesbian, then that really doesn’t matter unless you want to conceive a child. It shouldn’t affect any treatment overall if you do not disclose your sexual orientation.

If you are a bisexual then the only time that would matter is with your obstetrician, otherwise, it shouldn’t affect your treatment in any way.

If you are transgender though it is important to disclose this to your doctor. There are biological differences between men and women that are important to distinguish. Having hormone therapy also has risks, so your doctor needs to know about that.

A medication plan that is made for you needs to consider any medications you are taking to make sure no interactions happen. You don’t have to explain your sexual orientation to your doctor though, that can remain private.

Your Healthcare Coverage

Your healthcare coverage can play a role as well because if you are on a plan with your spouse, then your doctor and others have access to that information. That doesn’t mean they’re going to dive in and pick it apart, but they can access it.

What Should You Tell Your Doctor?

It is not uncommon for people to be fairly open with their doctors. A proper doctor should not treat you any differently even if he doesn’t agree with your orientation, so keep that in mind.