Chemsex: Risky Gay Parties With Drugs Involved

By Jared Woods
Gay couple at chemsex party.

What is Chemsex? 

Chemsex is an intentional act of taking drugs to enhance, boost, or aid sexual activities among gay men. Gay Chemsex, unlike coincidental sex that occurs among gay men after the use of drugs probably for recreational purposes, is an intentionally organized gay sex party by dealers of chemsex drugs to serve as a meeting point for gay men to take drugs that will facilitate sex. To simply put, chemsex is sex on drugs.

What Are Chemsex Drugs?

Chemsex drugs are specifically used to create different levels of euphoria, and these pose significant risks to their users who may range from addiction to death. Some of the best chemsex drugs are:


Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) or Gammabutyrolactone (GBL): GBL/GHB sex drugs are used at gay sex parties because of their anesthetic effects, which help to minimize sexual inhibitions and boost sexual euphoria. GHB is a party drug that aids sociability and gives a relaxing feeling, and it comes in powdered or liquid form. GHB effects on the body can even cause an accidental death. Using the drug can lead to respiratory collapse, causing the user to slip into a coma. GHB/GBL is also addictive if taken frequently. 

Crystal Meth

Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth): Arguably, the best chemsex drug, crystal meth, can make users sexually aroused, extremely high, alert, and charged due to its ability to release dopamine and serotonin in the brain thereby, reducing sexual inhibitions to heighten sexual desires. Since it can release dopamine in the brain, the addiction rate is very high, and withdrawing from crystal meth can be distressing and painful. Aggression, paranoia, depression, and heart problems are the significant side effects of crystal meth.


Mephedrone (Meph): Meph is a gay chemsex drug that induces speedy sensation in the users to aid the feeling of euphoria. Just like the others, it can also be addictive. Though the long term side effects are unknown, the short-term effects of this gay chem sex drug include heart palpitations, insomnia, hallucinations, and anxiety. 

Chemsex Party Dangers

Taking a drift off the risks associated with sex and drugs, the type of drugs used at gay sex parties which can result in addiction or some cases, death. A Chem sex party is connected with a lot of dangers beyond imagination. Violence is very rampant with chemsex parties, and this may lead to severe or life-threatening injuries and, in some extreme cases, the murder of gay men. Rape is often associated with chemsex parties, which may leave an individual scarred for life. Probably the most rampant among all dangers related to chemsex parties are contracting STI’s such as HIV due to the sexual euphoria, which diminishes the tendency of safe sexual practices. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, in a study conducted in a small community of British patients, 80% were sexually active MSM, with multiple partners, found through social media networking sites and 60% 42 were also HIV-positive and looking for partners for unprotected sex with the use of chemsex drugs. Through the sharing of needles and other sharp objects, to inject drugs, blood-borne viruses such as hepatitis may be transmitted. However, minor dangers such as theft or loss of valuable possessions have been reported too when users are under the influence of drugs.

Seeking Help From Addiction To Gay Sex Parties

The consequences of gay drug abuse or sex addiction can be very distressing, isolating, and painful for the victims. The feeling of helplessness towards a constantly increasing craving for it can be confusing. Often, the consequences of chemsex can range from losing self-respect, self-esteem, loss of employment, stigmatization, damaged health condition, and many more. 

For people who want to stop chemsex, there are professional support specialists in London who give advice on gay chemsex and a safer approach towards using gay drugs. Also, seeking professional addiction help can come in the form of residential treatments specifically for chemsex addicts in New York through Bright Buffalo Niagara. 

Bright Buffalo Niagara seeks to create a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment for LGBTQ members of all ages to come together. We offer professional treatments and support, taking into consideration a wide range of budgets. The constant increase of substance abuse and sexual addiction developing from chemsex is alarming, and we have made it our mission to curb this.