Narcotics Anonymous organization serving the LGBTQ community in Buffalo, New York


Bright Buffalo Niagara is a Narcotics Anonymous organization serving the LGBTQ community in Buffalo, New York. Our goal is to focus on the special needs and circumstances of the LGBTQ community within the world of Narcotics Anonymous.

Substance abuse is rampant across the country, and the LGBTQ community is at high risk of suffering from substance use disorders. Bright Buffalo Niagara seeks to create a safe, friendly and comfortable environment for LGBTQ members of all ages to come together for group meetings to maintain their sobriety.

We recognize that every community has its challenges, and the LGBTQ community is no different. Bright Buffalo Niagara cares about each and strives to connect you to a group that is the best possible fit for you. We have a variety of groups offered at different times to find the best fit at a convenient time for your schedule. Our group leaders are licensed therapists who specialize in addiction within the LGBTQ community. We know that LGBTQ individuals face a different set of issues and we seek to understand, accommodate and welcome those differences.

You can break the cycle of addiction, and we can help. We seek to equip you with the therapeutic tools you need to maintain sobriety while connecting you with a support system of like-minded people. Participation is never mandatory, and we want group members always to feel as comfortable with their group as possible. If one group doesn’t seem like the right fit, try another one until you find one that feels right. We can also recommend a group for you based on your needs. We welcome any feedback on our group meetings.

If you or someone you know is LGBTQ and struggling with substance abuse, please contact us or attend one of our meetings today.